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Sea Maui's Premium Dinner Sunset Cruise Adventure

Updated: Mar 2

Experience dinner out in ocean and savor the views of West Maui and the adjacent Islands.

This dinner sunset cruise is family friendly and during whale season you will be able to see whales jumping out of the ocean with their babies! This sunset cruise brings you closer to the magic of Maui's ocean environment. You will be able to see inspiring views that you just cannot get when you are on land. Your perspective from the catamaran sets a new standard of enjoying life to the fullest!

When the catamaran leaves Ka'anapali beach (one of the most beautiful beaches of Hawaii), you are provided with both cocktails and other beverages while you enjoy lively music. The staff is very informative and friendly. I always felt like they were asking if I needed any refills. The day was perfect when we went out. The ocean was calm, and the sun was out. The Catamaran is cleaned and well-kept and food was prepared for guests shortly after we sailed out in the ocean. We enjoyed our delicious dinner and admired the whales and the expansive view. Dinner was exceptional and the views romantic.

This Sunset Cruise gives you the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful places on earth in luxury. Just one sunset out on the ocean will clear your mind and relax your body and you will feel a renewed sense of energy. Maybe it's the ocean air or the 360-degree views. Whatever it is, you walk away feeling satisfied and enriched. Your inspiring, romantic sunset sail is within your grasp. Just click this link Sea Maui - Maui Snorkeling & Sailing Catamaran Tours

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